Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Savers Thrift Stores And Unabashed Joy.

Yay for deals! This is a sponsored post by Savers Thrift Stores. I am le happy about this.


There are few things in life more swoon-worthy than making A Find.

Fellow thrifters know what I mean: that heart-stopping moment when you discover The Perfect Item, realize it’s in your size/color scheme, and that it’s priced crazily cheap. Marathoners can keep their adrenaline rushes and 5k “fun runs”- I’ll take the tingle of winning deals any ol’ day. (Also? We need to stop referring to 5ks as “fun.” You know what’s really fun? Not running a 5k. Digress.)

Last weekend, I experienced a whole lotta winning and some downright amazing finds at the newest Savers Thrift Store in Franklin Park, IL. Guess what, Chicagoans? It’s totally close by (25 mins from my house in non-highway traffic!) and what awaits you there is worth every. Single. Block.
Here’s what I love about thrifting: the thrill of the chase, the discovery of the unknown, and the sheer potential for finding STUFF.

Here’s what I don’t love about most resale shops: sometimes that STUFF can be thrown about rather willy-nilly…and they tend to be more than a little filthy.

And here’s what I simply adore about Savers: It’s clean, it’s brightly lit, organized within an inch of its life (seriously, I saw at least five employees constantly shelving and re-hanging items exactly where they were labeled to live), and it’s a resale emporium that reads like a department store.

Wanna see my finds? (I know.) A smattering of the spoils which [briefly, safely] stopped my heart:

Nora's Halloween costume: purple dragon, $9.99. BOOM.

Itty bitty adorable clothes: Most were $3.99, max.

Mama's new shoes: And yes, those are Franco Sarto leather slingbacks...
which usually retail for $80...going for $5.99. YES, THOSE ARE.

Name brand baseball mitts! Sure, they're pink n' purple, but it's a start! 

An adorbs hanging frame- which I've been dying to find to hold
ultrasounds of my three teensy babies...all for a whopping 99 cents.
We also picked up a bunch o' clothes for P.J. (average of $5 apiece), a crazyadorablesecret Halloween costume for Susannah ($6), a supra-cute maternity sweater ($4), a buncha frames (.99 apiece), and the happiness that comes from scoring ALL of The Finds at ridiculously fabulous prices. (And my cashier informed me that stuff simply flies off the shelves there- and thousands of new items are stocked daily. Which made me want to return immediately.)

You’re seriously gonna want to go play at a Savers near you. (Check here for locations!) And tell them I said hi.

And pull aside anything in my size/color/d├ęcor scheme.

I’m totally not kidding.


While this is a sponsored post by Savers Thrift Stores- and you know I would do just about anything for a thrift store bargain- you can rest assured that all thoughts, opinions, and AWESOME SHOES are my own. 

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